Community "IMPACT" Resource Program (C.I.R.P.)

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We Support Economic Recovery through Community Service Program Efforts!

Who Are We?

CIRP is a Funding, Resource Agency and Community Service Workforce Development Program designed to "Put America Back To WORK! (One "JOB" at a time!)

Our Purpose:

Develop WORK for Small Businesses that "Create JOBS", improve "Quality of Life" and positively "IMPACT" LOCAL Economy's, through our Community Service Program

Our Mission:

  1. Provide UNLIMITED Funding and Resource Solutions and Contributions to Non-Profit Organizations, Businesses and People in support of their LOCAL Communities!
  2. Create "JOBS" that has a positive "IMPACT" on local "Economy's Growth Margin" each year, regardless of the geographical locations!
  3. Provide UNLIMITED WORK for Small Businesses in their LOCAL Communities , through Community Service Program

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Your Community Service experence in this program has no guarantee of being similar to any one elses. Each success story is unique therefore success, of any kind, is not promised in this program. The Community Service Program project funding guarantee, is based on the required Community Service Program points actually being achieved. See program terms and conditions for more details.


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